Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buenos Aires

I began my journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina. An amazing city full of beautiful people, fantastic food, and rich in culture. Buenos Aires sits on the banks of the Rio De La Plata River and is the home to 13 million people.

This photo was taken in La Boca. The sometimes rough, often touristy barrio that is home to the Boca Juniors soccer team.

After spending an hour at the Museo Nacional De Bella Artes we walked behind the museum to find this enormous mechanical steel moving flower, the Floralis Generica.

Recoleta Cemetary is the final resting place for the Argentinian elite including Evita. During the day the cemetary is swarming with camera toteing tourists who arrive by the bus load.

The Buenos Aires subway system is cheap, fast, and efficient. However, I did witness one train conductor texting while pulling into a station and another conductor allowing his 10-year-old son take the helm.

Chinatown! Yes, it exists in Argentina