Thursday, April 7, 2011

Utila and Little Cay

Utila is a carribean island off the Honduran coast surrounded by clear blue waters and a beautiful coral reef. Once a hang out for pirates, now Utila is inundated with backpackers learning to dive. Utila offers some of the cheapest diving in the world and has numerous dive schools to choose from.

Utila is entered around Utila Town, where most of the population on the island lives. Utila Town has one main road lining the beach and a few more that cut inland. Unfortunately scooters and golf carts are allowed to drive on the street, making walking around town noisy and hazardous.

Jumping off the dock at Rubi's Inn in Utila Harbor

Utila Harbor

On the Southwest side of Utila there are a number of Cays that are privately owned.  We (Claire, Pupi, Ben, and I) were able to rent Little Cay, an entire island for a mere $115usd per night. Little Cay has one home and one separate cabin and sleeps somewhere around 15-20 people. The house is huge with multiple decks, a huge living room, and three large private bedrooms. The Cay also has two docks and a small islet attached by a thin sandbar. The Cay itself is surrounded by good snorkeling and is a 10 minute swim away from Water Cay, a popular white sand beach.

The Little Cay main house

Looking out to Water Cay from Little Cay

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