Friday, April 22, 2011


The legendary Mayan city of Tikal is located deep in the lush green jungle of northern Guatemala.  Originally settled in 700BC, Tikal became one of the most powerful  Mayan citys through warfare.  At one point Tikal was over 30 square kilometers and the home to over  100,000 Mayan residents.  The city collapsed around 900 and was rediscovered in 1848. 
Two temples rising high above the canopy
Looking out over Tikal from the highest point
A partially uncovered building in the 'lost city'
Temple 1 in the Grand Plaza
The Grand Plaza
The buildings in Tikal are impressive and imposing, some of which tower over 60m above the jungle floor.  Many of the towers are high enough to emerge through the forest canopy and provide spectacular views.  Due to Tikal’s relative isolation and location in the jungle, visitors have a great chance of spotting wildlife.  Regardless of where you are, you can most certainly hear Howler Monkey’s deep echoing call throughout the jungle.  We also spotted Spider Monkeys, Foxes, Tarantulas, and Coatis.

A Spider Monkey

Coati in the Grand Plaza
Ben and his breakfast
Climbing Temple 5 was not easy for those with a fear of heights or 60m high rickety wooden ladders.  Today anyone can climb Temple 5, however, during  Tikal’s heyday it was only the High Priests and others of extreme importance who were allowed to the summit.

Temple 5
The ladder of death on Temple 5

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