Monday, August 23, 2010

Ginger´s Paradise

I just spent the last 6 days at Ginger´s Paradise, a farm near Samaipata, Bolivia. Gingers is run by an American ex-pat, Chris, and his Bolivian wife Sol. At the farm you pay to stay and can help out doing a number of tasks to reduce your cost of staying. At Gingers I made pineapple and apple marmelades, worked construction, harvested and husked lentils, made tofu, and ate some amazing food.

The wood fire oven with fresh baked bread, soup, and marmelades cooking.

Breakfast. Homemade pesto on homemade bread. Plus the jams we made.

Sarah and her fresh picked salad.

Ginger working on peeling an apple to make jam.

At Ginger´s they use only renewable energy. Most of the electricty comes from solar or hydro power, but when the blender needs to work to make pesto, this exercise bike provides all the power needed.

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