Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pisco Sin Fronteras

After flying back from Lima after my stint in California, I headed south to Pisco. Pisco is a town 4 hours south of Lima that was devastated by an earthquake in 2007. The earthquake destroyed the towns infrastructure and there is major worked needed to help the people of Pisco recover.

I spent 4 days volunteering at an organization called Pisco Sin Fronteras that provides free labour to families looking to rebuild their lives. In addition to building homes, PSF has day care centers and is very active in the community.

The project I worked on was a prototype for future use, which utilized sandbags filled with dirt, sand, and gravel to create a wall. The earthbags are stacked and secured using little more than barbed wire and wire ties. The method is easily replicated and can be made in areas where materials are scarce.

I could only stay for a few days but volunteering at PSF was a blast

Building the earthbag wall.

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