Saturday, May 7, 2011

Southern Belize

Hopkins is a small seaside town populated by the Garifuna, descendents of shipwrecked slaves who mixed with local peoples in Central America to form a unique culture and language.  Garifuna food generally features coconuts, plantains, and seafood or chicken.  There were a number of delicious bakerys in Hopkins with delicious coconut bread and coconut pies.  The Garifuna in Hopkins are in general very gregarious and extremely inviting and friendly.  If the locals weren't chatting as they passed on bikes they were dancing, laughing, and enjoying life.  While the town of Hopkins itself is little more than a strip of homes on the coast of Belize, the residents of Hopkins made it a very memorable and unique visit.

Downtown Hopkins
A girl explaining Garifuna street food

Kids playing and pushing each other off the dock

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