Monday, July 18, 2011

Signing off for now...

For the past 18th months I have travelled from the Buenos Aires, Argentina, up through South America and into Mexico, visiting 18 countries in all. I have visited the Galapagos, trekked in the Andes, swam with sharks, climbed to nearly 20,000ft, rented a private island, worked as a cowboy, and volunteered with jaguars in the jungle. I have been immensely lucky to have had the good fortune to meet interesting, caring, and kind locals in every country as well as other travellers to share these experiences with. The food has been fantastic at times ($4 lobster dinners) and lacklustre (plates of rice, beans, and potatoes) but the adventures never ceased. And now sadly, the trip has come to close, for now...thank you for reading.

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