Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My sister Christine decided to fly down and join me in Colombia for two weeks. We met in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Bogota is a huge expansive city, home to nearly 10 million people. It has had a reputation for violent crime, kidnapping, and drugs, however in the past decade it has become a popular tourist destination. The city has dozens of museums and historical buildings, many of which are tucked into the historic city center, the Candelaria.

Fernando Botero is Colombian painter from Medellin. His works are known internationally and celebrated in Colombia In the Candelaria, the free Botero Museum houses an array of his paintings, sculptures, and his own private art collection.

This is a view of sprawling Bogota taken from Cerro Monserrate.

A piece of Colombian gold work at the enormous Gold Museum in Bogota. The museum houses Colombia finest gold work. The gold pieces were created by ancient civilizations who are known for making the most elaborate and technically sophisticated in South America.

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