Thursday, January 20, 2011


Tayrona National Park is located on the northern coast of Colombia. Typical terrain includes dense jungle covered mountains pressed up against the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea. The ocean is rough with undertows and strong currents, the jungle is sweltering and sticky. Mosquitoes are plentiful.

We decided to hike to one of the camping sites in Tayrona with hammocks for rent. After thankfully only a few hours in, we reached Cabo where we could set our gear down and pick out a hammock. Unfortunately the campsite was packed with other tourists, mostly South American, here on holiday. The overnight trip was amazing nonetheless, and punctuated by a 90 minute boat ride back to Tanganga, where we were staying. The boat hugged the coast but was battered by waves, soaking all 20 passengers. The boat was flying through the water and the sight of swells all around rising above your head was a bit disconcerting.

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