Tuesday, March 15, 2011

El Salvadorean Food Fair

Juayua is a small El Salvadorean town on the "Ruta de las Flores", a wild flower laden highway that connects a group of small highland towns. Despite being larger than the aforementioned Alegria, Juayua still retains its small town charm. While Juayua is sleepy and laid back during the week, thousands flock each weekend to experience the fantastic food fair.

A street vendor sells snow cones in front of the plaza

Thousands of vistors take in food and music on a Sunday afternoon
Sample plates featuring chicken, rabbit, ribs, and steak
The grilled rabbit was fantastic

Over the course of the weekend I found myself addicted to the delicious cakes produced at the local Pasteleria.

Pupusas are amazing gooey cheese filled bites of heaven. Filled with beans, pork, cheese, and anything in between, they power the the El Salvadorian economy 30cents at a time. They are undoubtedly also responsible for the typically hefty El Salvadorian waste line, and the typically jovial and hospitable El Salvadorean personality.
Ayote Pupusa
A fresh batch made-to-order

The pupusas are formed with the ingredients in the bowls

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