Saturday, March 12, 2011

El Tunco and the Fish Market

Just over an hour away from the muggy mall laden metropolis of San Salvador is Playa El Tunco, a beach town popular with city folk on the weekends and surfers all day, everyday.  The waves are the draw for most and water is a balmy 86 degrees Fahrenheit.  The ocean here is the warmest I've ever experienced, stepping into the water feels like taking a bath, its remarkable.

El Tunco at sunset.

Just south of El Tunco is a port town of La Libertad.  La Libertad has a pier and an active fish market on the pier, it was a very interesting place to walk around and a fantastic place to buy seafood.

Fish being prepared for market

Langoustines ($5USD per pound)

Catch of the day.  (Prawns $3.50 to 7)
Baby Hammerhead sharks

Stingray filet ($1.50USD per pound)
Homemade Seafood Paella, with Langoustines, Jumbo Prawns, and chicken.

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