Saturday, February 27, 2010


After finishing up a fantastic few days in Bariloche we headed off across the Chilean border and to the coast. Our destination was Chiloe, a quaint island off the coast of Chile that feels far less modern and far more enchanting than the mainland. Chiloe only has a few large towns and is mostly covered by farmlands and parks on the interior and small fishing villages lining the coast.

After taking a bus and ferry to reach the island we headed to meet up with my friend Daniel from college was staying nearby with his siblings and we wanted to go to the national park together to do some hiking. Our plans were interupted however when an enormous earthquake hit central Chile around 4:30am. We were over 600km from the epicenter but the quake was strong enough to wake me up. The next day I forgot about the earthquake and it took a few hours for me to realize that the reason why the power was out was due to the quake. Chiloe was unaffected by the earthquake besides the power outage however much of central Chile suffered major damage.

Ducks being sold at a Ferria

The day after the eaerthquake, despite fears of a tsunami we went to the pacific coast to enjoy the beach.

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