Thursday, February 18, 2010

El Bolson

After a 26 hour bus ride from El Chalten I reached El Bolson. El Bolson is situated between northern Patagonia and the Lakes District and is home to a chilled out hippie vibe that is infectous. El Bolson produces 90% of the hops in Argentina and just about every restaurant and hostel seems to brew their own delicious artesanal beer, including my own hostel, El Pueblito. I would highly recommend both El Bolson and El Pueblito to anyone travelling in Patagonia. El Bolson from above...

El Bolson, situated in a fertile valley has a few really good hikes in the surrounding mountains. We did two hikes, one to Cajon Azul, where we stopped at an awesome wood cabin Refugio and drank free "mate".

The second hike was to Mt. Piltriquitron which overlooked the town of El Bolson.

Bosque Tallado, where artists have carved a forest of sculptures.

After walking around in the sculpture forest we headed up Mt. Piltriquitron with some friends from El Pueblito. The climb was steep and full of loose rocks.

The exhausted crew at the summit of Mount Piltriquitron after an arduous 1100m climb.

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