Sunday, April 11, 2010

Buenos Aires Again

After spending a day in Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay I headed across the Rio de la Plata via ferry to Buenos Aires for my second stint in the city. The last time I was in Buenos Aires its was high summer and muggy. This time around the city was much more pleasant for exploring, which included another trip to the San Telmo outdoor market.

The antiques section of the market.

After walking around for a few hours in a city of 13 million people I bumped into Liz and Rives. I know Liz and Rives from my time living in New York. We scheduled dinner together at La Cabrera, an amazing and reasonably priced steak restaurant in Palermo. While your waiting they give you free champagne! But its not really free bcause while waiting your forced to share the sidewalk with a bunch of other annoying scensters.

Dinner at La Cabrera with Liz and Rives.

Liz and Rives said they were heading to a Yoga Farm the next day. We followed them. Read the next post.

Amendment: I am back in BA after coming back from the yoga farm with two new friends from the farm, Helen and Kathrin. On Monday we went to La Bamba Del Tiempo, a weekly live drum show that takes place in an old warehouse. It was really great. More on all of that later.

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