Monday, April 12, 2010

Eco Yoga Farm

It didn´t take much convincing by Liz and Rives to get us to come to the Eco Yoga Park with them. Located 60km outside of Buenos Aires, the farm hosts volunteers who work in the organic garden and participate in yoga during the afternoon. For volunteers the cost is USD$15 per day. We intended on staying 3 days but ended up at the farm almost a week because it was so much fun.

Yoga inside the Truli.

Learning Tai Chi in front of the Truli.

The inside ceiling of the Truli. It took a few years to construct and was designed by a Peruvian Architect.

For the first few days we had terrible weather. This meant no farming and no work. So we passed the time by doing yoga and playing lots and lots of really competitive card games. You would think that doing yoga and practicing medatation all day would calm people down...but it didn´t.

Liz and Rives with cabin fever after being rained out twice.

Spades enemies. They might look nice but they hate each other right now.

Finally after enduring a few days of rain the sun came out and we worked on the farm. I spent hours making mud and applying the mud to a hut that was under construction. It was an awesome and messy job. The next day I spend some time working in the garden and cutting back bamboo.

The mud hut after a days work.

Martin preparing a vegetable bed for fresh seeds. The same vegetable bed had been full of plants and harvested the day before.

Enjoying a communal meal together.

The farm was run by Hare Krishnas who live meat and alcohol free and featured delicious vegetarian fare. Much of the vegetables we ate were straight from the farm and harvested the same day.

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