Thursday, April 22, 2010

Iguazu Falls

3 days. 3 countries. 4 illegal, 4 legal border crossings.

After an 18 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires we arrived in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina to view Iguazu falls. I was skeptical at first, however, the shear size and power of the waterfalls was really incredible.

The falls are viewable from both Argentina and Brazil. The Argentinian side of the falls is a better experience due to the size of the actual park and the trails. On the Argentinian side you can walk miles of catwalks around numerous waterfalls and into the surrounding rainforest. There were lots of cool birds and really colorful butterflies everywhere. We also saw a bunch of toucans, a monkey, and a tarantula.

The Devil´s Throat from the Argentine side.

The weather in Iguazu is completely unpredictable. Its the rainforest. So you can expect a healthy dose of humidity and rain. Shortly after being drenched by showers we got some sunlight which made these rainbows. Getting a break from the clouds and rain really made the experience better.

The next day we headed over to the Brazilian side, which provided a good overview of the falls. The Brazilian side was nice because you were able to appreciate the shear size of the falls, but the Brazilian side is much smaller and only took a few hours to see everything.

Me next to the Devil´s Throat.

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