Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Pantanal

The Pantanal is the worlds largest inland wetland and is in south eastern Brazil along the Bolivian border. I went there for 4 days and went for walks and boat rides in the wetlands to try and spot wildlife. I swam in a river with Piranhas and Caiman and slept in a hammock. The mosquitoes were bad but the wildlife was good.

We did a few hikes in the jungle and also a boat ride with our guide Pipinho to spot wildlife.

A Porcupine.

Hyacinth Macaws.

A Caiman.

A Toucan. I found them to be very skittish and hard to get a good photo of.

A Capybara. Its the worlds largest rodent, a vegetarian, and a great swimmer.

We went Piranha fishing. You just need to lower any type of meat into the water and give the fishing pole a jerk to land the fish. They cooked our catch up and we ate it for lunch.

Horseback riding in the swamp.

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