Tuesday, May 4, 2010


After a 15 hour bus ride to Sao Paulo and connecting for another 6 hours journey, we reached the Brazilian coast and the town of Paraty. Paraty was an important port where gold was shipped from Brazil back to Portugal. The town is brimming with history, none of which I actually know because I spent all my time on the beach rather than at the museum.

Paraty Old Town

Acai is super cheap here!

We went on a day long boat trip around Paraty and he surrounding islands. The dude on the boat is clearly not me, its our captain Logan.

We spent a good amount of time playing Yaniv, an Israeli card game thats super popular with backpackers. Between the beach, acai, beer, Yaniv and a triumphant game of ping pong, Paraty was a really great place to stay.

I was victorious after a heated ping pong game with Enbar.

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