Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ihla Grande

Ihla Grande is a verdant tropical island just off the Brazilian coast, a few hours south of Rio. The island has about 5000 inhabitants and 0 ATMS. There are no cars, boat is the preferred means of transport, and there are beautfil beaches accessible via long hikes. The island used to be the home of a Brazilian prison, but the prison has since been demolished. However, there are rumors of booby traps still hidden in the jungle meant to kill escaping prisoners.

Lopes Mendes Beach. About two hours away by hiking, or a 20 minute boat ride(for cheaters). The ocean is super warm.

Snorkel Trip!

Delicious island breakfast. We found a Pousada for 25 Reais (13USD pp) a night with a private hammock room.

A two hour and twenty minute hike was well worth is after getting to swim at Dios Rios Beach. Dios Rios is the town with the abandoned prison and is still a really eerie place.

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