Tuesday, May 25, 2010


280km north of Fortaleza is Jericoacoara, a fishing and wind surfing mecca with 3000 inhabitants and no paved roads. Everyone drives dunebuggies and swimming in the ocean feels like taking a bath.

Jeri was built next to a constantly moving sand dune where everyone goes daily to watch the sunset.

Dune buggy tour.

Preparing to slide down a massive dune and into a lagoon. The ride was awesome but the hike back to the top was painful.

For lunch we ate at a fresh water lagoon. The water was incredibly warm. They provided hammocks in the water and fresh fish and shrimp for lunch.

Everyday after sunset people gather on the beach to watch Capoeira.

We ended up spending a lot of time in Jeri with Marcus(Italy), Sven(Holland), and Dominique(Holland) whom we met on our dune buggy ride. Homemade Caipirinhas and good times flowed freely during our time together.

Alexi rocking the William H. Macy dirtbag mustache.

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