Friday, May 14, 2010

Rio De Janeiro

Rio. Population 6.5 million. A city set between beautiful beaches and abrupt mountains and jungle. The geography and people are amazing in Rio.

Copacabana Beach, with Sugarloaf in the distance.

Rocinha Favela. Population 300,000, it is the largest favela in South America. The favela is run by a 23-year-old kid who does $4 million USD in business per month. There are 52 million Brazilians living in Favelas. In the Rio state alone there are over 1000 Favelas.

Even Rio loves Brooklyn.

Enbar mouth feeding a really weird little monkey on the walk to Sugarloaf.

The view of Rio from Sugarloaf.

Me, Chen, Enbar, Alexi. After travelling with Enbar and Chen for about 3 weeks (ever since the Pantanal) we had to finally say goodbye. No more Yaniv and Hebrew lessons.

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  1. I don't know why Anthony decided to share your blog with me, but it's quite uninteresting. All I have to say is: Aren't you bored yet? You are missing out on so much back here. That is all.